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Cell-Tech Junior - Innovative Solutions in Hematology
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Cell-Tech Junior is a convenient and user friendly choice for clinics and practices. Thanks to its color touch screen, low weight and small size.
  • 20-parameters and 3 Histograms of WBC, RBC, PLT.
  • Data storage of 10,000 sample results with histograms.
  • 5 USB ports allow easy connection with external components.
  • Its very compact size make it ideal for practices and small to medum sized laboratories.
  • All required functions can be accessed from an optimized user interface, enabling the operator to work fast and efficiently.
  • Specific sample rotor guarantees safe and easy sampling.
  • Designed to be low maintenancethus saving time and money.
  • Built-in thermal printer with easy paper operation and facility to connect external printer.
  • Facility to connect barcode, computer keyboard, mouse and external printer (all together at one time).
  • The color touch screen allows rapid, accurate patient data entry and monitoring of the test results,including 3 large histograms.
  • Automatic cleaning of sampling needle from inside and outside.
  • Anti-clog protection keep apertures free from clogging and assures precise results.
  • Optical sensors for reagents and also programmable counter for reagents and waste alarm.
  • 3-level QC, L-J graphs and self-diagnosis functions to let you monitor reliability and accuracy.
  • Barcode loading of QC values and capability to print tabular report forms certify reliability and quality.
  • The motordriven rotating primary tube holder eliminates sampling error and the hazard of touching the sampling needle.
  • By utilizing high precision electronic and mechanic components coupled with innovative designs, precise and reliable CBCs are guaranteed even in the most demanding clinical environments.
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