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Cell-Tech 380 - 3-part WBC differential analyzer
Cell-Tech 380 Cell-Tech 380 Cell-Tech 380 Cell-Tech 380
The Cell-Tech 380 is a compact, bench top, 3-part WBC differential analyzer with a sample throughput of 80 tests / hour making it our fastest analyzer today. The Cell-Tech 380 is operated via a color touch screen and an easy to follow, intuitive icon user interface. With all its features and small footprint, the system is ideal for laboratories, clinics and physician practices that are looking for a reliable, safe, accurate and easy to use instrument.

Accurate and Precise results

  • Proven impedance measurement technology with advanced flagging algorithms
  • Clog detection and prevention with automatic system cleaning processes
  • Comprehensive 22 parameters CBC with 3 histograms

User friendly and easy to operate

  • Easy to use high resolution touch screen with multi-language menu
  • Recording of sample and quality control information is fast and efficient
  • 4 USB ports allow simple connection with external devices such as a host computer or an external printer
  • Advanced software package providing comprehensive QC statistics

Operator safety

  • Unique sample rotor that reduces the risk of biohazard exposure
  • Self-cleaning procedures minimize daily maintenance


  • System uses easy to understand warning messages and sample flags

Measuring data

  • Throughput - 80 tests/hour
  • Parameters - 22 including 3-part differential: WBC, LYM, MID, GRA, LYM%, MID%, GRA%, RBC, MCV, HCT, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, MPV, RDWCV, RDWSD, PCT, PDWCV, PDWSD, P-LCR, P-LCC
  • Diagnostic flags (P.S.)

Measuring principle

  • Volumetric impedance method
  • Light absorbance for HGB measurement


  • 25 μl of whole blood or 50 μl of pre-diluted blood
  • Open tube system with automatic sample rotor
  • Pre-dilution mode


  • Diluent, Lyse, Cleaner - all cyanide free
  • Optical reagent sensors
  • Online reagent inventory


  • 2 counting chambers
  • Aperture diameter - 70 μm (RBC/PLT) and 100 μm (WBC)
  • Anti-clog protection
  • 3 stage cleaning procedure - high voltage burst on apertures, high pressure back flush, chemical cleaning of apertures

Quality control

  • Separate QC database
  • Levy-Jennings graphs
  • USB and barcode options to load QC values

Technical features

  • Data capacity of 10,000 results with histograms
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Printer interface - USB with support for HP and Dotmatrix printers
  • External keyboard and mouse via USB connection
  • External barcode reader (optional)


  • Color TFT touch screen
  • Software upgrade via USB memory stick
  • Data back-up via USB memory stick
  • 3 USB-A port on back, 1 USB-A on front
  • 1 USB-B on back for interfacing to PC

Operating temperature

  • 15-35°C, Optimal temperature 25°C

Power requirement

  • 12VDC, 5A, 60W - max, 10W - standby


  • Size (Width x Depth x Height) 33.5 x 31.5 x 38 cm (13.2 x 12.4 x 15 in)
  • Weight: 12 kg
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